Senior Scientists


David Mayerich

Assistant Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Research Interests: GPU computing, optical imaging, optical modeling, visualization
Office: W330, Engineering Building 2
Email: mayerich at
CV: [ PDF ]

Postdoctoral Researchers

Sebastian Berisha

hyperspectral image processing, optical modeling
email: sberisha at central uh edu

Camille Artur

Raman spectroscopy, instrumentation
email: artur.camille at gmail com

Graduate Students

rupalimRupali Mankar

machine learning, IR spectroscopic imaging, image classification, tissue processing
email: rupali.mankar at gmail com

pgovyadiPavel Govyadinov

[collaborator with Prof. Guoning Chen, CS]
GPU programming, neural stimulation, visualization, 3D image segmentation
email: pagovyadinov at uh edu
CV: [ PDF ]

Leila Saadatifard

2D and 3D image segmentation, GPU computing, convolutional neural networks
email: saadatileila at gmail com

 Shihao Ran

[collaborator with Prof. Rohith Reddy, ECE]
optical design, optical modeling, IR imaging systems, SPIM imaging systems
email: shihao1007 at gmail com

 Jiabing Li

cell segmentation
email: jiabingli601 at hotmail com

Tran Nguyen

optimization, FTIR/DFIR imaging
email: ntranvk at gmail dot com

Jack Guo

microvascular modeling, computational fluid dynamics, visualization
email: jackguo523 at gmail com
CV: [ PDF ]

Mahsa Lotfollahi

infrared image processing, 2D and 3D segmentation
email: mahsa.lotfollahi gmail com
CV: [ PDF ]


Undergraduate Researchers

Summer internships, REU applications, and high-school research programs are available!


ziqi2Ziqi He

University of Southern California
image processing
email: heziqi36 at gmail com


Venkata Naga Pranathi Vemuri

3Scan Inc.
image processing, segmentation
email: vvemuri at uh edu


Tianshu Cheng

University of Southern California
image processing, segmentation


Srijani Mukherjee

University of Houston
tensor fields, tensor visualization