Dr. Artur is an optical physicist focused on improving biomedical imaging through understanding interactions between light and matter. Her work is heavily multidisciplinary, and she has specific expertise in optical microscopy, hyperspectral imaging, and plasmonics.

Camille received her Physics Masters at the University of Burgundy in Paris under Professor Alain Dereux, who was an early researcher in the field of surface plasmon polaritons. She completed her PhD research at the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand under the guidance of Professors Pablo Etchegoin and Eric Le Ru, where she deepened her work on the interactions between metallic plasmons and Raman scattering of adsorbed molecules. Her dissertation relied heavily on the modeling and statistical analysis of experimental spectral data.

Dr. Artur’s postdoctoral research at University of Houston focused on the study of plasmon enhanced catalysis and developing new techniques for super-resolution microscopy – specifically expansion microscopy (ExM) and STED – as well as multi-modal optical histology.