Upcoming Events

Society for Neuroscience 2015: October 17 - 21

  • Automated GPU-accelerated segmentation of volumetric fiber networks
    • P. Govyadinov, D. Mayerich
  • Fast automated segmentation of neural soma in large KESM images of brain tissue
    • L. Saadatifard, Y. Choe, L. Abbott, D. Mayerich
  • Enhancing robustness of sectioning and imaging in knife-edge scanning microscopy
    • Y. Choe, D. Miller, R. Shah, W. Zhang, J. Yoo, D. Mayerich, J. Kwon, J. Keyser, L.C. Abbott
  • Internet enabled robotic microscope powered by knife-edge scanning microscopy
    • R. Raghavan, Y. Choe, D. Mayerich, T. Huffman, M. Goodman, C. Daniel, J. Kwon

SciX 2015: September 27 - October 2

  • Imaging and feature selection using a GA-FDA algorithm for the classification of mid-infrared spectroscopic images
    • Rupali Mankar, Vishal Verma, Michael Walsh, Carlos Bueso-Ramos, David Mayerich

NLM Informatics Training Conference: June 22 - 25

  • High-throughput phenotyping of brain and tumor tissue
    • David Mayerich

11th Annual Graduate Research Conference: May 1, 2015

  • Imaging and classification of FTIR spectroscopic data for cancer diagnosis
    • Rupali Mankar
  • Automated GPU-accelerated segmentation of volumetric fiber networks
    • Pavel Govyadinov