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Scalable Tissue Imaging and Modeling Laboratory University of Houston

Research in optical microscopy, high-throughput imaging, high-performance computing, and visualization

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NSF BRAIN Center Industry-University Cooperative Research Center

Part of the NSF BRAIN Center studying and developing brain/machine interfaces

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Undergraduates Research Fellowships

UH sponsored SURF and PURS fellowships, NSF sponsored REU fellowships

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Leveraging mid-infrared spectroscopic imaging and deep learning for tissue subtype classification in ovarian cancer

Mid-infrared spectroscopic imaging (MIRSI) is an emerging class of label-free techniques being leveraged for digital histopathology. Modern histopathologic identification of ovarian cancer involves tissue staining followed by morphological pattern recognition. This process is time-consuming and subjective and requires extensive expertise. This paper presents the first label-free, quantitative, and automated histological recognition of ovarian tissue subtypes using a new MIRSI technique…