Recommended Courses

The following courses are recommended for STIM Laboratory graduate research, and represent relevant topics in the areas of optics, image processing, and high-performance computing:

Optics and Imaging

ECE 6339 - Biophotonics. Fundamental principles of biophotonics and their applications in biological and biomedical research. Topics are light-matter interactions, optical imaging, optical and plasmonic biosensing, imaging systems and nanotechnology for biophotonics.

ECE 6397 - Advanced Imaging Techniques.

BIOE 6347 - Introduction to Optical Sensing and Biophotonics. Optical imaging techniques for detection of structures and functions of biological tissues, basic physics and engineering of each imaging technique with an emphasis on coherence-domain imaging.

Data and Image Processing

ECE 6397 - Sparse Representations for Signal Processing.

ECE 6397 - Parallel Algorithms for GPUs and Heterogeneous Systems. Design and development of algorithms that take advantage of highly parallel co-processors, such as the nVidia GPU and Xeon Phi, in order to solve research related problems. Overview of data parallel architectures and principles in programming massively parallel systems.

ECE 6337 - Introduction to Stochastic Processes. Probability spaces, random variables, distributions, functions of random variables, conditioning, limit concepts, sampling, correlations and power spectral analysis, linear estimation, orthogonal projections.

ECE 6364 - Digital Image Processing. The nature of images; visual effects; acquisition of images; sampling, quantization, and two-dimensional linear processing; image enhancement and restoration; image coding; texture analysis; tomography.


ECE 6397 - Medical Device Law.

ECE 6302 - Introduction to Neuroengineering. Single neurons, principles of perception and movement, learning and memory, functional magnetic resonance imaging, electroencephalography, magnetoencephalography, transcranial magnetic stimulation, chemical stimulation, functional neuroanatomy.


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